Are We There Yet?

We Asked, and You Told Us

Earlier this year, Imagine Central Arkansas asked you to identify your top priorities for our region and to tell us how you would respond to a number of challenges for our future (read article here).

Through over a thousand responses, the message is clear: central Arkansans want a future with many transportation options, including walking, cycling, transit and driving, all supporting future development which creates safe, convenient places, preserves our natural resources and promotes an economically strong region.

Little Rock Skyline

Help Us Make the Vision a Reality

The Imagine Central Arkansas Vision includes investments in a robust local transit network, a regional transit system, walking and cycling and improving our freeway and road network (learn more here). To make this Vision a reality, a number of key decisions must be made.

Take a look at our Vision Maps to learn more:

Vision Map

Are We There Yet?

How soon we achieve our Vision depends on a number of factors, including national and global trends, local policy decisions and funding. Want to make the vision a reality?

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Begin by telling us how soon you want the Vision to become a reality. The earlier you want changes to occur, the more decisions have to be made.

Make your selection by simply dragging the slider left or right.

Your input will be displayed as a target to reach as you make choices on the following pages.